Join the Rank the Vote OK team and help support the movement to bring Ranked Choice Voting to Oklahoma. Big or small, everyone's got a place here! 


Live Outreach
Volunteers on the ground! Canvassing/Field team, event and canvass opportunities research. 

Volunteer Mobilization
Helps cultivate call team, organizing call parties to train callers and expand calling capacity within region. 

Facilitates getting house parties set up and makes phone calls to local donors, opportunities research. 

Networks with local organizations and local influencers who can be converted into endorsers. 

Speakers Bureau
Well-trained public speakers who recruit and help train new speakers in the region.

Social Media
Social media outreach team; help create Facebook and Twitter posts to drive opportunities for volunteering and involvement.  

Technology infrastructure including website, database, email blasting (e.g. Nationbuilder), social media accounts, etc.

Art & Media
Graphic arts (images and video) and collateral (signup sheets, sample ballots, t-shirts, banners, buttons, etc); design projects.

Policy & Research
Researchers who dig into state law and policy around elections and  ballot initiatives; election technology requirements and costs; prepares research summaries for use by Speakers Bureau, etc.

Pick this if you are not quite sure where you want to focus your energy. Don't worry, we'll find the perfect spot for you soon!

Will you volunteer?