IRV is a non-partisan reform that gives voters more choice in our elections. By promoting majority support, IRV benefits voters more than any party. IRV incentivizes candidates to reach out to a larger audience of voters rather than just mobilizing their political base. 

The current winner-take-all system of elections leaves many voters feeling unrepresented, but a multi-winner IRV can lead to better representation of Democrats in Republican districts and Republicans in Democratic districts. If a city council race has four open seats, then each candidate must secure 20% of the vote to secure a seat. If the minority party is larger than 20% of the electorate, they can secure at least one seat by uniting behind the minority candidate. This is how IRV contributes to proportional representation. 

Policies like the Fair Representation Act show how IRV at the national level can move us away from hyper-polarizing winner-take-all-system.